People constantly ask me, ‘why do you do what you do?’

 It’s simple. 

I love helping people shift their stories and become the best versions of themselves.

Do you feel alone in your circumstances?
Wish you had someone other than your parents, spouse, good friends… to talk to that gets it?
Would your life change if you could just… change your life?

If you said yes, you’re not alone! In fact, you’re part of a majority.

Most adults require more support than they receive. WHY IS THIS? Well… ask and you shall receive. 

The people who speak up and ask for support are the ones who receive it when they need it. Not only do you open yourself up to guidance, but you put yourself first.

Why Me? I provide a safe space to work 1-on-1 in any area of your life. Literally. I have overcome so many personal obstacles. In addition, I’m an intuitive.  

The combo creates the magic you will not only experience, but receive. You’ve got this. I’ve got you.

We all function difference. What works for one might not work for the other. 
That’s why, TOGETHER, we come up with an ACTION PLAN.  

 It’s a “plan of action” based on what’s best…for YOU!

How Can I Support You?

*Accountability for Action
*Recognition: Trying vs. Allowing
*What are you NOT doing because you don’t have someone to do it with?
*Lending a helping hand through change so you aren’t alone
*New perspectives on situations which have your feeling stuck or stagnant.
*A real person who cares whether or not you reach your goal
*Practicing the Art of Conversation and Face to Face Connection
*Laughing when you can’t find a reason to smile.
*Shifting your fear into fuel. Trust me, what you believe is a setback can be your stepping stone!


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 Non-biased support rocks…no matter who, when and why! 




No one can tell you how or what to do. Only you know what it means to start. How would partnering with me change your life? It means YOU are saying yes to YOU. God, The Universe, The Holy Spirit, what ever you call it– rewards the act of making a decision with an outcome of achievement. It’s OK to ask for help. People are not meant to be completely independent from other influence. This isn’t about me “telling” you what to do. This is about new perspectives, listening without any judgement and offering a landing pad through change.


You are safe with me, your with a Stranger To Friend. But only YOU have the power to take the first step. What’s the worst that can happen? Or rather, what’s the best that can come out of me focusing my time on your needs. I promise you’ll experience a shift. And for this, it is my honor to share a part of your journey.


*Prices Vary Per Style of Connection & Suppor

As an Intuitive Connector, every time I meet with someone, the conversation flows from the questions I’m called to ask and the space created for you to share/ask whatever speaks to you. Feeling comfortable is the gateway to good conversation. YOU are given permission to be your true self, to share your story, to speak your truth. I promise no judgement, no consequence and the possibility of a little fun in the process. Give yourself the gift of… you… the greatest gift you can give yourself.    


Connection Sessions include Walk & Talks, Coffee & Connection, Phone Conversations, Zoom Calls and Personalized 6- 16 Week Programs