The Power Of Perspective
Shift Your Story + Transform Your Life

 Imagine receiving a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease at 19 years old, the same year both of your best friends were killed in separate car accidents? Thrown into her story before Google existed, Carlyn was forced to journey within and search for her own answers and a silver lining. That’s when she recognized the power of perspective, turned her setbacks into stepping stones and shifted her tragedy into purpose. With a new awareness and determination to live a life in gratitude and on purpose, she’s healed her MS and has continued to overcome challenges ranging from job losses to the loss of her front teeth.

Are you tired of feeling stuck and stagnant in life?
Long to feel motivated by joy instead of pain?
Ready to acknowledge your self-sabotage versus self-love?

The moment you open yourself to the power of a new perspective is the moment you give yourself permission to shift your story.
In this interactive workshop, Carlyn guides you to:

  • Pinpoint which stories empower your purpose
  • Learn how to tell your story to seek support instead of sympathy
  • Release shame and regain your personal power
  • Identify which action step you can take to ignite your shift
  • Celebrate your commitment to change and transforming your life!

You are not alone. Not only do you have a story, but it’s our stories that connect us all. In learning to accept and share from a space of serving verse shaming, you decide which stories lead you and which you let go. Give yourself credit for embracing your journey! It’s time to honor your inner strength. Allow fear be your fuel. You have the choice to change your perspective, shift your story and transform your life.

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