Connecting with Carlyn connects YOU with amazing Men & Women all over the country… and world!

Since her 20’s, Carlyn’s lived in 6 states, building authentic community wherever she goes.
From the Carolina’s to California to her current home in Colorado, she’s intuitively formed friendships and build trust with meant-to-meet people. The difference between “aquaitence” and “real connection” is the fostering of a friendship based on a common denominator. The “reason” Carlyn meets people always leads to other reason to connect them with additional people she’s met. 

People trust Carlyn as a reference, a referral and a resource.

As the Stranger To Friend Gal, Carlyn knows influential, movers and shakers as well as prospects and people craving for the information YOU have to share, the message you want to spread, the reason you want real connection.

Carlyn’s favorite thing to do: share her good peeps with other good peeps!

What if you could connect with someone going through the same situation as you?
What if you could have all your questions answered on a specific subject?
What access to Carlyn’s Connections?
Curious about the resources in her Rolladex?
Need a specific person and not sure who to trust?

No matter the reason, Carlyn has you covered.