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Carlyn Shaw is an inspirational storyteller and writer, intuitive connector and the founder of Strangers To Friends. She empowers people to see setbacks as stepping stones, let go of limiting labels and use fear as fuel.

At 19 years old, Carlyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, followed by the death of two best friends in separate accidents. This profound physical and spiritual awakening ignited her intuitive superpower. Armed with curiosity and self-love, Carlyn has followed her heart from city to city, embracing people and life as the ultimate experience. Now self-healed from MS, Carlyn trusts nothing happens to her, rather for her. In 2010, with the inner knowing people equal possibilities, Carlyn created a personal connection card, and Strangers To Friends was born. Now a global movement encompassing a thriving community founded on authentic connection, Carlyn gives people permission to give themselves permission to be seen and heard- including herself.

From countless interviews and speaking engagements ranging from The National MS Society to an appearance on Anderson Cooper, Carlyn inspires her audience to take control of what they can control. A Boston and New York City Marathon Finisher, her 2015 feature in The Denver Post opened the door as a Keynote speaker for an Alaskan marathon and a presenter at The Golden Door. Through the art of storytelling, Carlyn inspires people to say yes to the life they not only dream of, but deserve.

Public Speaking

Bubbles Make Everything Better

Ignite Denver

June 8, 2017 Oriental Theatre

Carlyn Shaw has spoken at corporate and women empowerment events all over the United States including:

FitPros On Location, MS On the Move Women’s Luncheon, Prince Of Wales Island,  Alaska Marathon, MS Challenge Walks in San Diego, and the MS Society New England Chapter

“I speak to empower your audience to LIVE a life full of confidence! From building a network that turns strangers into friends to setting BIG intentions in life and living them, I will move your audience to believe more in themselves and what they are capable of.”
~ Carlyn Shaw

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