As long as I can remember, I’ve loved words. Words personify. Words identify. Words allow us to articulate, describe and express. Words are to stories as paint is to canvas. Words are freedom. Words are friends.

As a kid, I had a ritual every Sunday morning. I’d climb into bed with my parents, watch The Today Show and get cozy with the Sunday Morning Paper, ya know, the BIG one. Running to the end of the driveway to scoop up the news was my version of getting a gift each week! My arms not long enough to hold the paper like an adult, I’d divide the sections, lay them out and scan with curiousity. Naturally I’d gravitate towards The Funnies and The Weather. But my awareness of how I was exposed to media was not lost to my young mind. I noticed the negative talk. I heard the scary scripts. Before I could form intricate sentences I was inspired to change the world, one story at a time! All I had to do was get on TV. This led to my next chapter: majoring in Journalism and TV Broadcasting at Indiana University. The summer before I graduated I was an intern for the local NBC affiliate in my hometown, Greenville, SC. On one hand I loved the experience, on the other, I had a major ah-ha 1) I didn’t want to be a TV Broadcaster. 2) I didn’t want to rely on B-Roll (film footage) to dictate the story. 3) I craved to paint pictures with my words.

So… now what?

With a broadcasting degree under my belt, I made a quick career change and shifted my focus to Public Relations. Why PR? My job was to sell an idea, take something intangible and bring it to life. I was hired to create. And to be creative as possible. As long as the client approved, my abilities had no boundaries. The more I conjured up, the more confident I became with my creative juices. Ideas began to bubble to the surface faster than I could put them on paper. The world of PR challenged my ability to persuade, influence and instigate. When a magazine wanted more info on my product or service, I’d beam with delight. By the end of my PR Career I’d worked in the world of Japanimation with DragonballZ, played a role promoting the New Volkswagon Beetle and the launch of a 60 million dollar hotel in San Diego, CA. To date I’m still proud of the pitch that landed my ideas on the Front Page of the Travel Section of The Wall Street Journal.

Why am I sharing my background?
Because never in my wildest dreams did I think my love of story telling would lead me to write, speak and share, MY stories. Then again, I never imagined I’d experience the level of stories I’ve lived through, thus far. My stories are building blocks; they represent what I’ve overcome and who I have become. 

Launching a blog creates my own corner of the internet to exchange insights with anyone who wants my input, seeks my suggestion or wants the inside scoop of my stories.  This is my Sunday Morning Paper.

My passion is sharing stories with all of you.

Sometimes I’m challenged to step into your shoes. Other times I’m applauded for my outside point of view. At the end of the day, we all bring our past into the present. Our reality is shaped from the stories we hold close as much as the stories we choose to let go. 

So, what does this blog mean for US?

FOR ME it means:

  • more commitment
  • creative flow
  • self confidence
  • Me Time with my Mac
  • And…more of what I am born to do: Share With You.

FOR YOU it means:

  • more Personal STORIES! (my favorite)
  • more Carlyn-isms (advise, tips, tricks, all sorts of goodness)
  • more “Did She Really Say That” Sh*t” words to make you smile (and laugh)
  • more Video: VLOGS! YouTube, get ready, you’re next (gulp)

FOR US – A Shared Journey. 

I’ve enjoyed writing these words. Thank you for taking the time to read them.