Hi Friends. I’m Carlyn.

I’m honored & excited

our paths are crossing…

right on time. 



Give Yourself Permission To Give Yourself Permission

The moment you say YES to shifting your story is the moment YOU say YES to… you. How Do I know?

This is my journey, too.

Letting go, in order to GROW!

And…trusting what you don’t know. 

Kind of Scary, I Get It. 


Good thing… You Aren’t Alone.

WE all connected, but IT is all connected. 

You’re here right on time. 

You’ve Got This; Ive Got You! 



I invite you to join me on a journey of personal growth, connection and FUN. 
You’ll let of what no longer serves you, build self confidence, learn to follow your heart and allow fear to become your fuel.

Together, we’ll shift your story. 

Ready to see your circumstances from a new perspective? 
Good, because life does not happen TO you, it happens FOR you.

Ready to THRIVE rather than simply….survive?
Great. You deserve to live your best life. 

Ready to let go of the labels and stories and step into your best self?
Amazing! By taking control of what you can control, you’ll release the victim and become your own victor, builds self confidence and creates lasting change. The commitment to shift your story invites peace and balance into your life, making room for the growth and change you’ve craved for so long.

Ready to silence your inner critic and begin to honor your inner voice?
YES, it’s time…to give yourself permission to be you.

My Promise:

  • Listen without judgment
  • Offer a launch pad for change
  • Provide supportive feedback
  • Guide you from where you are now to where to want to be

As a Story Collector and Container, YOU and everything you share, are safe, with me. 

The moment you decided you are ready and say YES is the moment the shift begins.

What’s the worst that can happen….or rather, what’s the best that happen?

It’s time to say YES, to YOU.

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How Can Carlyn Support YOU?


Everyone has a story. How we use our story plays a role in how we create our life. Are you ready to see your circumstances from a new perspective? Working with Carlyn promises you'll Shift Your Story and step into the life you not only want but deserve. It's TIme. Say YES to You. 


Want to develop a successful event? Crave the ability to bounce ideas? Want to share your community? Carlyn's endless creativity and passion coupled with her PR/Marketing background is the perfect canvas to co-create & bring your vision to life!


Carlyn's incredible intuitive gift of connection allows her to feel into your needs and who you need to know. Want to expand your network? Want the right person for the right project? Excited to expand community? Just Ask Carlyn who she knows... she has your person!

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What People Are Saying

Justin Wells

Justin Wells


Working one-on-one with Carlyn over the past several months has helped me become aware of the new possibilities that open up with genuine connection. She has helped me understand the powerful changes that can happen in life by stepping in to my fears and getting out of my comfort zone. I am seeing the real positive effects of this new openness to people each day and am grateful to have developed a relationship with Carlyn!

Susannah Campora

Susannah Campora

Founder of Rev-Tribe

WOW!!! Carlyn Shaw and I got to talk after I interviewed her on a video I'm sharing for Saturday's workshop, and when we were catching up, I opened up to her about something I feel overwhelm by, and fear around....then, super naturally, easily, I found myself totally JAZZED!!! I didnt even realize it was happening but she opened up soooo many new doors for me in my mind and heart about the topic and completly shifted me!! I now have new ideas, possibilities, and excitement about something I was totally stumped on!! I am so grateful for Carlyn and highly recommend for anyone who has things you fear, or are tunnel vision about, hire Carlyn to JUST GET OVER IT, GET EXCITED, SEE IT IN NEW WAYS and JUST DO IT already!! lol seriously Carlyn, that was awesome. I'm so thankful for you and all the wisdom, gifts and stories you have to offer. Go bigger, Car, the whole world needs you to bust up fear and have more fun!!

Jody Carmichael

Jody Carmichael

Wilmington, NC

I was in the middle of a really difficult time in my life when I contacted Carlyn Shaw about signing up for a 6 week support program she was offering. I had no idea how her program worked or how she would help me, but I was struggling with illness, my business, my emotions, and I didn’t feel like I had a friend to confide in. Carlyn provided an ear and a lifetime of experience in positivity that became a safe and supportive space for me to unload, cry, dream and heal. On our first phone call she suggested a book that is now a large part of my daily habits and transformation. I’m very grateful I had her to lean on when my life was turn up side down, and I plan to continue using her as an important tool in my overall wellness kit. Thank you Carlyn!

Jeff Hopp

Jeff Hopp

Digital Marketing Consultant

Carlyn's authenticity demands authenticity in return. Thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for helping me feel safe to share. Thank you for your great advice in helping me focus on how I can make things a little better. She said, "First we have to identify what our internal story is before we can shift it." I've known all along that my story, the meaning that I give to it and the lessons I learn from it can either serve me and others, or destroy me. It is a choice. Thank you for being a living reminder of that.

Amanda Rey

Amanda Rey

Project Manager at University of Colorado

Carlyn helped me to harness a new way of thinking, a different perspective and outlook that was easily achieved with just the small shift of word usage that I didn't even realize had become my inner dialogue. She offered a reliability and understanding that was always judgment free and nurturing, without pushing me, and led me to finding my best self. I really wish more people would realize working with Carlyn is investing in themselves.

Annalise Felde

Annalise Felde

Denver, CO

Going through a lot of change over the past several months, I decided to reach out to Carlyn for support, guidance and advice. We covered a lot of topics! She delivered knowledge and wisdom in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. She was vibrant, whimsical and very imaginative. Not only was the connection both fun and stimulating, but the direct feedback for improving upon myself was invaluable. She empowered, coached and provided me with the confidence that I needed. She truly inspired me to be a better person and to think beyond the ordinary everyday conventional way of thinking. Thank you Carlyn, for sharing and linking me in with Strangers To Friends!

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