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Ignite Denver

June 8, 2017 Oriental Theatre

Anderson Cooper Asks Carlyn About Life With MS.

Day Time Talk Show Appearance
November, 2011

Carlyn’s Appearance
On Anderson Cooper LIVE, November 2011

Anderson interviews Carlyn about her life living with Multiple Sclerosis

Carlyn’s Speaking Appearances Include:

 Friendship Force International Global Conference

The Golden Door Speakers Series
The Prince of Wales Alaska Marathon
Ignite Denver
Boston Marathon: New England MS Society
National MS Society Events: Dallas & San Diego
Women On the Move Luncheon, Denver
Multiple Women’s Groups
COUNTLESS Strangers To Friend Experiences 



“Denver Runner, Carlyn Shaw
Proves MS Produces Fuel, Not Fear”

Carlyn’s Multiple Sclerosis Running Story:
The 2015 Boston Marathon




Meeting Carlyn was not “By chance”, a phrase that doesn’t even exist the Carlyn mind.

Meeting Carlyn was on purpose, on time.

Carlyn’s life is a silver lined, serendipitous rollercoaster and she has an incredible library of human experience to draw from. She’s the kind of person to call when you are struggling to find meaning in the mundane or make sense of the extraordinary. It’s hard to put a label on what she can do for a person neck deep in some convoluted personal or professional turmoil.

Carlyn can sift through the noise and tell you exactly where to go skinny dipping in your vulnerability. And you do, because she is right there with you, also “naked” and therefore trustworthy. She is, for lack of better expression, a “professional friend”. Someone said to find out what we are excellent at and love doing and then get someone to pay for it. I for one am grateful for Carlyn showing up to relationships the way she does.

Linda S.

Mims, Florida

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